Iron Ore

Iron Ore

Iron Ore

  • World first technology, ore sorter maximizes iron quality.
  • Low cost production via recycling ore already mined.
  • Exports of 2mtpa to begin August 2020:
  • New rail siding expands exports 4 times as much product, up to 1mtpa.
  • Future added value in downstream steel production.
NT Bullion Has Commenced Iron Ore Production at Frances Creek and Anticipates Its First Iron Vessel to Be Loaded in August 2020.​

NT Bullion has secured one of the most advanced ore sorting machines in the world and has commissioned it at the new production plant at Pine Creek.

The German made Steinert system, called WALKABOUT, uses a series of lasers, x-rays and infrared technology to eject waste ore leaving the higher-grade ore to be processed and increase efficiency in mining production and refining. It will be repositioned at the various stranded gold mines and grade the ore into higher value deposits making it much more efficient to transport for refining.

Heavy mining trucks and excavator working on the iron ore opencast mining facility

Other Projects Include....

Northern Territory, Australia: June 4, 2003: Elevated view of Gold Mine processing plant in the desert of the Northern Territory


NT Bullion is exploring and developing stranded gold deposits in the NT and has designed and sourced construction of a 500,000 t/pa Gold Processing plant in Tennant Creek and Frances Creek.